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Rental Price List
Description CPT Code Monthly Charge Weekly Charge
Standard Wheelchair (Less than 250 lbs) K0001 $80.00 N/A
Lightweight Wheelchair K0003 $115.00N/A
HD Wheelchair (20"-22") (250-300 lbs) K0006 $135.00 N/A
HD Wheelchair (24") (250-300 lbs) K0006 $135.00 N/A
Extra HD Wheelchair (24"-28") (300 + lbs) K0007 $215.00N/A
Reclining Back for Wheelchair E1226 $75.00N/A
Elevating Legrests (Pair) K0195 $30.00 N/A
Transport Wheelchair E1038 $60.00 N/A
Folding Walker E0135 N/A N/A
Rolling Walker E0143 N/A N/A
Walker Platform Attachment E0154 N/A N/A
Nova Rolling Walker with Seat E0143 + E0156 N/A N/A
Quad Cane E0105 N/A N/A
Crutches E0114 N/A N/A
Crutch Platform Attachment E0153 N/A N/A
Roll-A-Bout/TLC E0118 $140.00 N/A
Power Wheelchair/POV (Monthly) K08__ $600.00 $200.00/week
Hospital Bed - Full Electric w/Rails E0265 $229.00 N/A
Hospital Bed - Semi Electric w/Rails E0260 $199.00 N/A
Side Rails for Hospital Bed - Half Rails E0305 $25.00 N/A
Side Rails for Hospital Bed - Full Rails E0310 $25.00 N/A
Trapeze for Hospital Bed E0910 $40.00 N/A
Trapeze & Floor Stand E0940 $75.00 N/A
Overbed Table E0274 N/A N/A
Nova Air Mattress E0181 $65.00 N/A
Bedside Commode (<300 lbs) E0163 N/A N/A
HD Bedside Commode E0168 N/A N/A
Hoyer Patient Lift E0630 $130.00 N/A
Lift Chair E0627 $210.00 N/A
Hip Chair E1399 $80.00 N/A
Ramps E1399 $60.00 N/A

Revised 01/04/18 KM


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